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Slides in English and Brazilian Portuguese (PDF warning), licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. Thank you for listening to my talk!

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Casey Reeves' posts on accessibility on Linux

Casey does a wonderful job at listing some of the reasons why, in our opinion, accessibility on Linux has been getting worse. It inspired me to think about my own experience with giving up on Linux for a proprietary OS, and write and talk about it at FOSSY.

Read it here!

Introducing Systems Approaches by Martin Reynolds and Sue Holwell

I read this chapter for the first time when I took an Information Systems Engineering course in university–it's a great introduction to the fundamentals of systems thinking and thinking about systems, citing some of the most influential work out there in the field. It greatly inspired this talk.

Systems of Systems by Tatiana Mac

Another source of inspiration for this talk, Tatiana's offers an even broader perspective on systems within systems within systems. It's definitely worth all those 44 minutes and 22 seconds of your attention!

Watch it here!

Profit Without Opression by Kim Crayton

Kim's work is absolutely wonderful, and it takes unsettling and provoking new systems thinking to a whole new level. I highly recommend this book, and following Kim on social media as a whole.

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Mastering systems thinking in practice

My main point of contact with systems theory and practice was in academia, but I found this wonderful course online with an open syllabus that also teaches some of the fundamentals of systems thinking. You can read its contents without signing up if you wish.

Access it here!

Cybernetic Revolutionaries: Technology and Politics in Allende's Chile by Eden Medina

This is the book that introduced me to Stafford Beer's work even before I took my Information Systems Engineering courses. It does a great job of covering the fundamentals of cybernetics from different worldviews, and it's definitely worth reading.

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Systems thinking for developers

Resources on systems thinking specifically for developers. They have even more resources listed on their website, and you should check it out!

Access it here!